Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter/Pulpit Rock Hike

From Wiki:

A rock formation called Pulpit Rock (originally the Devil's Pulpit), is located in the northwest part of the town on New Boston Road and is the feature of the town-owned Pulpit Rock Conservation Area.
We managed a short hike today as the man-child has been working since early this AM. We were so THRILLED when his alarm went off at 5:30 AM, an hour earlier than planned. The whole family was up and we two got out of bed to find out what was going on.

After a groggy start and much coffee, we dragged off in search of adventure. The parking lot at Pulpit Rock Conservation area was glassy with ice and it made for a fun start to our hike. The trails to the waterfalls were mostly packed granular but there was a good amount of ice on them as well.

The bridges that traverse the many small streams were covered with 2+ feet of snow, worn to a narrow, icy ridge. How comforting to stroll across these and know that a good soaking is only a misstep away. Somehow, I managed not to fall in.

We made our way to the falls and enjoyed the solitude and quiet whooshing sounds of the water in motion. There were lots of icicles and ice-covered rocks. A few spots of sun shone in so I could capture these:

It's almost time to roll the motorcycle out of the garage and fire it up for the first time of the season. It's been on a charger all winter and, as I sit here writing this, the thought occurs to me that I have not seen the key to the VTX since I covered it! I sure hope I didn't leave it in the ignition. Most likely in one my jackets. Ah well, it will turn up.

Anyway, the weather is slowly turning warmer and more and more riders/bikers are being spotted out and about (oot and aboot). Yesterday, it was a BMW K1200S rider on a bumblebee yellow and black model pulling out not far from Second Wind BMW. I'm sure he was either test-riding or stopping in for a bit of gear.

Friend Manny "claims" to have had his Harley-Davidson V-Rod (AKA The MAN-Rod) out for a 30 mile jaunt recently. He also reminds everyone he knows that, "Yes, it is for sale." It's just one bike in his collection...

Apologies to the friends who attended this month's T3 (Third Thirty Thursday) event which took place this past week. I was returning from a road trip and arrived too late to join you. But I was there in spirit, even if my sad, solo dinner that night came courtesy of a road-side Taco Bell instead of a higher quality mexican restaurant. I heard about the band but no one mentioned the food. Was it that bad? Was Shorty's better than the new Casa Blanca restaurant? I'd like to know and will endeavor to get there soon, mariachis or not.

That's all I have for today. The season should be starting soon and I will have something motorcycle related to write about again. It's been a long winter but spring is officially here, even if it doesn't look much like it, from my vantage point. I'm looking forward to riding again, lots of new roads, some camping, lots of fun and time spent on the road with you, my fellow riders. It looks like it will reach 50 degrees here by 4/1 but then we have some April showers to contend with. Are you getting wet?

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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You must have cut a dashing figure with your $5.00 yellow beanie on...