Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Diet update

Just a quick note to (lightly) brag about losing 10 lbs in @ 3 weeks. What I'm doing is working.

So, maybe I'll allow myself a beer or martini tomorrow night at the Biker Bash. No, Snowy, I won't puke. At least, I'm not really planning on it.

Bones - I promised I'd blog about you next but, I've known you for 30+ years and I need to do it right. So many stories I could tell. Some of them are even true....

Peace out!

Joe Rocket

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Okay, alright...I hear you already!

Sheesh! I wanted an audience and now they're throwing tomatoes! Who knew?
Three times this week I've been nagged to post to my blog. I'm sorry. Work is hectic and the holi-daze are here. Last week, I was single-parenting while my spouse was on a biz trip to a much warmer climate. Lucky her!

This week, I'm just trying to hold on until the Christmas holiday is over and then I can relax. I plan to have some time off and use it wisely to make this a better read. So...don't give up on me yet.

Regarding Sturgis, we've got a planning meeting coming up. We're going to try to decide on a location for there and maybe do some trip route planning (yeah, I know, turn left at Chicago...). So many miles between here and there and we want to make good time. Unfortunately, that will probably mean interstates a good part of the way. We'll see.

We did that (rode the interstates) the summer before last on a trip to Quebec, for dinner. It wasn't planned that way but the weather forecast did not cooperate and a 4-day trip putting around Canada turned into an overnight. We did manage to find a nice KOA campground (with beer!) right outside the city and a great french restaurant with very attractive servers a mile, or so, down the road. Almost stumbling distance.

That was the trip that nearly crippled me. The VFR got real uncomfortable to ride. I'm not sure if the seat or my knees were shot but I had excruciating pains shooting down my leg. At a rest stop, I joked about swapping bikes with Jerry but he remembers it as me begging to switch. Whatever. Speaking of Jerry, here's one of my favorite pictures of him, from last year's bike show. I call it "Squid Jerry". He mounted a world-class MV Augusta for this shot. Too funny!

Anyway, it's Tuesday AM and I need to get moving. Time for (another) cup o' Joe. It's F'ing cold out (7 degrees Fahrenheit) and I have to make the trek across the mountain. Boy do I miss the warm sun-kissed summer days. Nothing better than riding in a t-shirt with the sun lightly toasting your forearms. Oh yeah, winter arrives Friday.

Happy Holidays to all. I'll see some of you this week at the Biker Bash. The rest, drop me a note to say hello.


Joe Rocket