Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enough's enough...

This is getting ridiculous. Another huge storm, thankfully we kept our power this time. It's an icy mess outside and tomorrow we'll all have to go back out in it again.

Ken says that he'd rather use an air conditioner than heat his house. I suppose he'll be off on a jaunt to Florida soon.

Daytona's coming up soon too, and some of you are migrating that way. Myrtle Beach is a bust and I hear that other towns may try to pick up the slack and happily take our tourist dollars.

I need therapy and need it soon. Cabin fever is setting in and I can feel the walls closing in around me. It's time to bust out, get outdoors (without freezing one's butt off) and get some fresh air.

I need to hear the motor purring under my seat, thrumming away, medicating my soul with it's powerful pulse. And, in that moment, my worries and cares will dissipate and I'll be myself once again.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket