Sunday, June 5, 2016

A brisk, seacoast romp (including seafood, big waves and a couple of close calls...)

We had a heck of a day, overall, yesterday.  4 of us blasted off mid-morning, with Rye, NH as our only destination.  It was sunny and warm here, in southern NH.  As we headed east, the temps dropped as we neared the coast.  Still, the day was full of promise, as we passed downtown Rye in favor of the beach road (1-A).  After an hour's ride, we made our first stop, where we watch large rollers crash the shoreline, thanks to the tide being high.

After a short stay, standing there marveling at the beautiful scenery, we were reminded of lunch, and quickly decided on a waterfront spot that two of us had visited, nearly 15 years ago.  A long-forgotten gem, we were there, thanks to my new TomTom Rider GPS, in only 10 minutes.  We almost beat the lunch rush completely, but were held up by a group of 16 arriving from a wake.  Out of deference to their situation, we nervously waited, as more people arrived.  Finally, a friendly face caught my eye and we were escorted to the outdoor waterfront deck.

The view was great, the service was fast and friendly and the food was excellent.  Here was our tableside view:

We ate quickly, as the bodies standing around seemed to pile up.  Ms. Rocket was starting to burn anyway, in the strong Spring sunshine.

We took as different route home, as the seashore was now socked in with thick fog.  We made short work the winding roads en route to the highway.

With biker friends on their way for dinner, we blasted home at a high rate of speed, keeping all riders in the rear view.  There were the usual, inconsiderate cagers and only after dinner did I learn about a close call with a car on an off-ramp.  To my knowledge, no car got near me, but BMW Jay said otherwise.

So, it's still early in the season and, despite New Hampshire's No Cellphone While Driving law being in effect for a year now, I still see asshats using their phones and other distracted driving.  I guess that THEY are more important than US, and the rules don't apply.  Hmm.

Be very careful out there.  Two riders were killed in racing incidents this weekend, MotoGP and the Isle of Man TT.  Professionals, yes, but riders nonetheless.  The summer traffic, the texting drivers and the general increase in traffic volume all add to the risk.

I hope to see you out there soon. Keep your rubbers down.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket