Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stinky Cheese

One more thing...........

We're on our way to Jerry & Marie's for a Stinky Cheese Party. This will be their fourth and our second. I'll have to describe it in detail later but, it is a whole lot of fun. Okay, maybe the cocktails and wine have something to do with that! Afterwards, we plan to participate in the Holiday Stroll, in downtown Nashua. I just hope it's not too friggin' cold!

Details tomorrow!

Oh yeah. One more thing...I'm trying to locate some pictures of my VFR800A that I last owned but can't come up with any. I want to post pix of all my bikes here but, I may have to do with a stock photo from Honda.



Hi All:

Bear with me while I give this a go. I hope that this will work out and, if so, I'll share that news and success with you right here.

I could have called this "Blogging for a bike" but, I am hoping that the Sturgis reference will help me get more hits. Yes, sadly, this is somewhat of a commercial endeavor but don't stop reading this yet. Let me explain.

I ride motorcycles, as I am sure a lot of you do. I'm also employed in a marketing capacity for a company here in New Hampshire and I stuggle to find that eternal balance between riding all the time (like some of my retired friends) and work/life/family obligations. I'm not 50 yet and have been riding, more or less, most of my life. More on that later.

The goal of this blog is to help me to afford to buy a new bike in time for Sturgis 2008. To that end, I will try to find relevant topics and content that will keep you coming back to see my progress, to root for me and to help me reach my goals.

I hope that this works for all of us and I will try to find compelling information about riding, bikes, gear, camping and trip preparations that will keep you coming back.

For now, I'll sign off as it's the weekend and there's "stuff" to be done. I'll be back soon to ramble on.

Best wishes for a very warm and short winter,

Joe Rocket