Sunday, July 27, 2014

Upgrade your motorcycle gear! Mid-season boot review.

Every time I get into a new car these days, I notice how much is changed or improved over the car I've been (until now) so happy with.  Besides that “new car smell”, there are tons of advancements, from electronics to power increases. The same is true of motorcycle gear.  It gets better every year. 

I've had a pair of Alpinestars boots for about 2 years and they've been great.  Alpinestars is a company that knows riders and how to make great products for them. I've never been unhappy with the older pair, that is, until I got this upgrade.  It's like stepping out of a Toyota and into a Mercedes-Benz.  I got this new pair of boots from Motorcycle House.



The first thing I noticed was NO MORE LACES. I HATE laces when riding.  Do you know how many times I've managed to loop a lace over a shifter and not been able to put a foot down at a stop?  We only learn from our bad experiences. 

The Alpinestars S-MX 1 boots have a full zipper on the inside of each shoe that allows easy entry.  The strap across the front ensures a comfortable fit.

Heel protection is great, as are the toe sliders on the outside edge of each boot.  These are comfortable street boots, but look to be built for track duty.  


Like many of you, I ride to work when I can, and the choice of shoe is important from the standpoint that I have to wear these all day and not stand out too much to the management team.  I wore these just this past week on a hot day and found them to be ALL DAY COMFORTABLE.  On my ride home, I enjoyed the cooling air that the fabric front allowed to circulate through the boots.

These boots look great, are purpose-built and are comfortable to wear all day long.  I almost forgot to mention the small heel is perfect for hanging off your pegs to give your legs a bit of a rest on a longer ride.  As always, Alpinestars raises the bar for riding gear.  These are a great value for anyone looking for a comfortable riding boot, but who may not need the protection of a taller boot.

Enjoy the second half of the season.  A little more heat still to come and then on to much cooler weather.  

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket