Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day weekend and the new Honda VFR 800

It's Monday morning and I should be preparing for the work day.  But, it was a great Father's Day weekend here for me and I wanted to share a few photos of the new VFR 800, from Honda.

Old Blue was getting a much overdue spring service (it's practically summer).  Still, you wouldn't know it from the recent weather.  With inspection stickers due to expire at the end of this month, and me riding towards a valve adjustment, it was time.

Lucky for me that, as I was picking up my bike, I noticed a fork lift truck carrying a crate containing the new Honda VFR800.  This is a redesign of the bike which is a huge favorite of mine, since owning the (then new) 2002 model from 2002-2007.

I was fortunate to catch the mechanic uncrating/building this and he allowed me to take a few photos.

I left the dealership happy to have seen this new version of a bike I love.  With my bike home and Ms. Rocket's bike being serviced, I had to return to the shop again in the same day.  On the short two-up ride there, I noticed that my turn signals were acting up.  As I rode up to the shop, I saw the service manager Eric who had helped me just hours earlier.  He took a look at the issue and hopped on my bike and rode it into the service bay.  Moments later, he returned with the brand new VFR, announcing "problem fixed".  We chuckled and I took the opportunity to sit on the fully assembled (base model) bike, just to test fit it.  Yes, it still feels good to me, after riding a big, comfortable cruiser for the past seven years. 

As I think about my #nextbike, I want to give this bike serious consideration.  Other contenders are the VFR1200 and an ST1300.  Nault's Powersports has a new 2012 model in black, marked down $3000.  But I think that bike is more than I want or would use on a regular basis.  Thoughts?  I like the idea of trading down to a lighter, faster bike as I move forward.  I ruled out the 'Wing F6B simply based on size. 

After a brief discussion about the value of my bike in trade, I think the next step is to demo this bike and maybe one or two others.  Most likely, I will wait until the start of next season.  Plenty of time to do my homework.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket