Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rise and Fall

Fall will rise at 11:44 AM on September 22, 2008. I know this fact to be true due to the cool mornings, empty roads and tinged leaves. A good wind will release the earliest of leaves, twigs and other debris. Later, even the hardiest wind, hail and snow will not remove the crusty oak leaves from their perch.

The riding is good now, if you don't mind adding a layer. My body seems to feel winter coming and is doing it's part to add insulation.

The bike is running so well on these chilly days. The cold air is denser and I'll defer to any mechanics or engineers among you to explain why the bike performs better under these conditions. I arrive to work happy, refreshed and thankful for these last few days of summer.

Now is the time to be planning those last few long rides, to the Cape, to Vermont and to Northern New Hampshire, for when the color is full, it almost hurts your eyes. The beaches are empty of tourists and we can enjoy a few last late lunches before they close up shop for another season.

Every sunny day is a gift, at this point. We've certainly seen our share of rain this year. I don't mind cold and I don't mind wet but, I don't like cold AND wet.

Speaking of cold and wet, we have another get-together this week. It's time for another Third Thirsty Thursday, on 9/18. As much as I hate that label I coined (and I don't know if it is original but, I think it is), at least THIS way, the club can remember which frickin' night of the month that we meet! Maybe a couple of cold ones will inspire me to come up with a better title. Perhaps each club member who attends should buy me a shot of Jagermeister to aid my in my quest for enlightenment.

Our "meetings" are fun events. Cold beer and lively chatter. No format, just show-up with your spouse or girlfriend, whichever can make it that night. Crumpet took offence to my labeling us as "grizzled". Since she claims she doesn't read my blog, I guess that I can get away with calling us that. I always err on the side of caution with these events and am never the last to leave. It's harder on those of us with teens at home. Good examples need to be set.

Next month will bring the annual P-Town Fantasia Fair week that we accidently attended years ago. Not sure if we can make it this year but 2009 is a definite. Ken, Wes and I had a raucous time there more than a few years ago. And there were no teens to witness our eventual inebriation and wobbly-legged walk home.

I want to end this season on a high note. Maybe a run to the Cape would be a good idea. Or, someplace stark, barren, windswept. I envision camping at the ocean's edge, with the roar of the pounding surf drowning out all civilization. I wonder if we could camp at Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts? Parts of that beach are REMOTE. I'd be giving up a fraternity secret if I told you how I know...

Oxxcycle, a local biker mag distributed by the Nashua-Manchester Hippo, had a short article recently about riding to Sturgis. In it, the writer gave directions to Sturgis. I'm reading along and going "yeah, yeah, yeah". And then I get to his line about not ever having made it all the way there. And I realized how much more significant our trip really was. I mean, we just took it all in stride. Nothing bad happened. No breakdowns, no missed ferries, no real problems.

I got most of my pictures printed recently by Kodak and sat there for a long time flipping through them. I want to add Ken's pix too and have yet to see Doc's photos. I'll bet they're pretty good, given that camera he was wielding. I'll have to find a way to organize and preserve the memories from this trip somehow, other than right here.

Alright kiddies, off to bed with ye! Or back to work or whatever the hell you were doing before you StumbleUpon'd this post. Tomorrow's a new day and another gorgeous day to ride. Make the most of it.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket