Sunday, February 24, 2008

Southport and "The Habbah"

I realize this is not going to be a motorcycle post but, with the 6-8" of snow we got Fri./Sat., winter is still here.

Yesterday we returned from a quick visit to Boothbay Harbor, affectionately known to us as "The Habbah" (you have to cover your mouth in your best "Password [game show] impression", when you say it) and Southport Island. For our friends who have visited with us here at "Lillian's" on Southport Island, ME, this is a shot from the parking lot of the Southport Yacht Club, at Cosy Harbor.

We made a quick trip north to visit family and enjoy the solitude of a summer destination in the dead of winter. The trip up on Friday night was white-knuckle, at times, thanks to the on and off driving snow. AWD makes a big difference and I wouldn't trade the Subaru at a time like that!

Saturday dawned sunny and bright from the new-fallen snow. After a quick breakfast, we headed up to Boothbay Harbor. The ride was easy and we got there in about an hour. We poked around BBH and Boothbay aimlessly and docked at The Ebbtide for lunch. After a sturdy serving of hamburger, fries and coffee, we noodled over to Southport to see the changes to Lillian's, at the hands of her new owner.

Not much to see, from the outside, and we didn't want to leave footprint evidence in the snow. The house has been gutted on the inside and all of the interior walls, with the exception of structural supports, have been removed. The Cozy Nook had scaffolding in front, and on the roof, and it appears to be getting a new roof.

We dubbed over to Christmas Cove road and eventually to Cosy Harbor, where this shot was taken. We ended our visit to Southport with a stop at the General store for a chocolate treat to fuel the 3-hour ride home. The roads were clear and dry, making the return trip pleasant.

Will share more news when next I see you,

Joe Rocket