Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Countdown has begun!

Well folks, we're inside of 30 days until blast off and we're getting amped for the trip. At this point we are doing anything and everything we can to stay healthy, get our bikes and gear in order and make any last minute adjustments. I know the clock is ticking and I don't feel fully prepared yet. Little things like XXL rubber gloves for all rainy day long rides. Some of this stuff I can get locally but others I need to order. Today I bought a pair of AlpineStar 101 boots to have an alternative to my high Sidi's. I should have those within the week.

The bike is going in for a valve job (8,000 miles) next week and a fresh set of donuts. I have just over 7K+ on this original set of Dunlops and I expect I'd need a new set by the time we got to Sturgis, hardly the place to line-up to buy fresh rubber.

I've had three great days of riding this week, if you count my junket down to Rehoboth, MA last Saturday for Potsie's 50th birthday celebration. That ride was ALL highway and I made great time. Yes, I got off to a slow start, having to stop in Nashua at a Dunkins' to pee. I didn't think I could hold it for five more minutes, let alone another 2:15! But, once "the pause that refreshes" was taken care of, I ripped right along.

Traffic on 128 and 95 South suck MOST of the time. Coming home was much quicker. There I was, farting along at 75 mph in the center lane when an H-D bagger passes going 85-90. Well, we all know that there is safety in numbers so I cracked it wide and caught up, hanging back a safe and respectful distance. It certainly made the ride home more interesting!

I was lucky all week in dodging the rain drops. Now that I have this nice rain suit, I hate to take it/them out of their perfectly folded bags. Silly, yes, but I'm not pulling over, pulling them out, putting it on for just a few drops. I can put up with soggy clothes closer to home. Each day we've enjoyed a few summer showers, today while the sun shined. These quickly pass, along with the ominous rumbles of thunder. I saw a NICE bolt of lightning strike in Milford by South River Road as I gassed up at the Penguin Mart (no, no penguins for sale there!).

Tomorrow looks like another great day to wheel the bike out and enjoy the air. As it will be July 3rd, our orifice closes early tomorrow, for the Independence Day holiday. Have you noticed that no one calls it Independence Day anymore? Everyone's running about wishing me a Happy 4th of July. To me, it loses the original meaning of this day. It's as if I wished you a Merry December 25th. It's just not the same. People suck.

Once again, I got crap for not writing. I wrote last week but it was pure dreck and after an hour of re-writing I said "F it" and pushed the Delete key. Sometimes you just have to do that. Start over. The only theme that I did want to salvage was that of goalsetting

The thought had occurred to me that the four of us going to Sturgis this year (F├╝hrer, Poet, "Doc" - only for his own anonymity, and Rocket) would not be going if not for Ken's putting a metaphorical tent stake in the ground and stating (in no uncertain terms) that "We are going to Sturgis in 2008." What he did was the first step in good goalsetting. He defined the goal. He gave us a target. He gave us a date. He gave us the time to think about it, to plan for it and in many ways, to take some of the many small steps necessary to make this a reality.

I realize that this is the primary reason that the four of us (AKA "The Stumbleweeds") are going to Sturgis this year. If he had simply said that we were going next year, we never would have gone. So much was accomplished in the intervening years that made this goal achievable. Let me start with the obvious, for which this blog is named.

In 2007, I bought the VTX 1300R with Sturgis in mind. I bought all new camping gear, with Sturgis in mind. Etc., etc., etc. Since the start of last year I have been acquiring, spreading out my purchases, mentally preparing for this trip. A friend asked if my wife had a problem with me taking two weeks to go on a solo journey. The answer is no. She, as I, recognize this as a unique opportunity. I won't repeat it soon or maybe ever. Who knows. For you, the case may be that you need to warm up your honey for a getaway like this.

If you want do anything, set the goal and begin planning. Setting the goal is so much more important than even the planning as you may opt to be flexible in your plan. For us, this means no reservations and letting the miles add up where they may. As Poet says, this is when adventure happens.

Click on the link in the title and go read about goalsetting. Create your own "bucket list" of things you want to do and get on the road to accomplishing those goals. Maybe, for fun, in the future (post-trip) I'll publish my own bucket list here. What's on your list?

Or, click on the comments button and submit your thoughts. If they're clean enough, I'll publish in an upcoming blog. Only a couple more posts to go before we leave. Perhaps I can squeeze in one or two, at most. I'll do my best to take copious notes during my trip and to shoot lots of pictures. I fear that when I return, the first couple of posts will be filled with nothing other than pictures of topless, tattooed biker chicks. Well, so be it.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket