Saturday, February 9, 2008

Boston Bike Show, 2008


Despite the company, the show was a bit of a disappointment, for me.
Last year we attended the bigger show in New York City, at The Javits Center, and all of the manufacturers had booths/displays there. They all had the full complement of their bike line-ups and all of the custom bikes were there, as well. So, the best of both worlds. This show was the chaps, gloves and local vendors.

I took a few pictures and will add them here.

This was nice blue custom I saw:

This is a nice wide rear-end to look at, on a different bike.

And some nice chrome pipes:

And here is a pretty red number, with great pinstriping work.

I'll leave it up to the others to tell you about my great, new hat and my "hat buddy", Jerry. We look like the twins, Frick and Frack.

Ride season can't arrive soon enough!

PS - As there were no manufacturers at the show, I did not get to see the new Yamaha FJR 1300. It was a big disappointment to not get to see it or sit on it. I did get on the new Ducatis, the 1098 and the new 848. Very nice, but the shape of the tanks go the opposite way of my belly....not so comfortable to lie on!

Talk to you soon. Enjoy the day.

Joe Rocket

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Can't ride without this (what is it?)

Hi kids,

Today I'm asking for your input. So, comments are necessary and very welcome.

What is the ONE piece (or maybe two) of gear that you always carry when you ride? That must have, essential piece of something that without, you'd feel almost naked?

For me, after this past year, it is my TomTom Rider GPS. My closest friends and club members have heard me blather on about how clever it is. Yes, I admit to making and taking phone calls, while riding (there is an override that prevents outbound calling, while moving, but it wasn't working that day for some reason) but the bluetooth connectivity is only a part of the "cool" factor.

The real benefit, to me, is the "never lost" functionality of it. Honestly, I could get lost coming home from the grocery store. So, to never to have to worry about that by giving the navigational duties over to "Chad", puts me at ease and allows me to enjoy my riding more.

So, what is it you always carry, that provides the same peace of mind? Is it a tool kit, a favorite pair of goggles or gloves? A face shield cleaner kit?

Please, I want to hear from you so send me an email at: I promise to collect these recommendations and list them for everyone in a future post. Thanks.

The countdown has begun. I think we have less than six months to go to our departure to Sturgis. That seems like a lot, perhaps to those who ride year-'round, but here in the Northeast, that's almost the length of our whole riding season!

I just purchased a bunch of camping gear from EMS that will get tested (hopefully) soon. I now have a new tent (bought last season) a new Thermarest mattress, pillow and chair/sling device (like Crumpet's) and the requisite compression sack/cover.

With the bike show coming to Boston this weekend, I will be on the lookout for EVERYTHING else I need for this trip. I hope to hear from you before then.

a low, slow wave as we pass,

Joe Rocket

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Social Media

Check it out. Look for me there as JoeRocket.

It's like chat but can be done from a PC or a phone or both. It's cool.

Find your friends online and stay abreast of what they are doing, at any given moment.

That's all.


PS - Okay, just one more. Check out too. It works like LinkedIn.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What shape is your shape in?

"I just stopped in, to see what condition my condition was in..."

Here's a great article on fitness for motorcyclists. I'll add that web link again, just to make sure you all get it.

Every year at this time, I drag out this article and read it over, promising myself to do better/ride better by being in better physical shape. Two friends, Jerry S. (see Squid Jerry below) and Kenny B. have both undertaken steps to get in better shape, having lost weight and/or starting fitness regimens not only for riding but for overall good health.

I'm still down 12 pounds but the trend is flat and I need to do more to lose more weight. And, I need to work on overall strength, muscle and cardio training. I know that the Sturgis trip will be a test of fitness and endurance. We plan to ride long hours each day and if I am not ready, I will be tired, sore and dragging ass.

Okay, just this short post today. It's Stupor Bowl Sunday and there is still plenty to do before the first commercial break.

Follow the link, read the article, do the work so you will be prepared to hoist around that heavy bike effortlessly this year and be a better rider. Personally, I plan to be in the best shape possible by July. See you on the road soon.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket