Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are you listening?

I'm just wondering if anyone has used the FineTune application that sits on the left side there (go ahead, scroll down to look). If you click on it, you can listen to a playlist I picked out just for you (yes YOU). See? You don't think I do anything for you but I do.

Anyway, there's two different playlists there and I was about to add a third one when I realized I CAN'T REMEMBER ANOTHER PASSWORD! Holy shit. I don't know why I need so damn many passwords. Every friggin' site has its own protocol. Is it six letters and a number or eight letters. My brain RAM is full. I'm going to start carving these into the top of my desk at home. If you break into my house, you can have all the crap on my PC. How's that? Jesus!

So, this may be the end of playlists or I'll have to start over with FineTune. I like this program because it's (say it with me) FREE. I actually found songs there that I can't BUY on iTunes. Hmm. So, I'll try again or, get some vitamins or whatever will help me unclog my brain.

Also, I think we might ride (oh yeah, this is a motorcycle blog, innit?) tomorrow, Sunday. It is forecast to be in the high 40's and it will be warm enough to pull the cover off and put all the parts back together today. I'm going to try to rendezvous with Jerry midday. Not sure who else has their scooter out yet, besides Manny.

So, here we go. Back on two wheels again. Jeez, I sure hope everything still fits...

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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