Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Can't ride without this (what is it?)

Hi kids,

Today I'm asking for your input. So, comments are necessary and very welcome.

What is the ONE piece (or maybe two) of gear that you always carry when you ride? That must have, essential piece of something that without, you'd feel almost naked?

For me, after this past year, it is my TomTom Rider GPS. My closest friends and club members have heard me blather on about how clever it is. Yes, I admit to making and taking phone calls, while riding (there is an override that prevents outbound calling, while moving, but it wasn't working that day for some reason) but the bluetooth connectivity is only a part of the "cool" factor.

The real benefit, to me, is the "never lost" functionality of it. Honestly, I could get lost coming home from the grocery store. So, to never to have to worry about that by giving the navigational duties over to "Chad", puts me at ease and allows me to enjoy my riding more.

So, what is it you always carry, that provides the same peace of mind? Is it a tool kit, a favorite pair of goggles or gloves? A face shield cleaner kit?

Please, I want to hear from you so send me an email at: I promise to collect these recommendations and list them for everyone in a future post. Thanks.

The countdown has begun. I think we have less than six months to go to our departure to Sturgis. That seems like a lot, perhaps to those who ride year-'round, but here in the Northeast, that's almost the length of our whole riding season!

I just purchased a bunch of camping gear from EMS that will get tested (hopefully) soon. I now have a new tent (bought last season) a new Thermarest mattress, pillow and chair/sling device (like Crumpet's) and the requisite compression sack/cover.

With the bike show coming to Boston this weekend, I will be on the lookout for EVERYTHING else I need for this trip. I hope to hear from you before then.

a low, slow wave as we pass,

Joe Rocket