Saturday, March 15, 2008

S'no Problem!

Maybe we should all just trade our bikes in for snowmobiles and call it a day.

Happy Saturday, or at least it is while I am writing this post. Another weekend, another snow storm. This is like the itch you can't scratch. We are so close to the start of the season here and yet, the snow contines to pile up.

I was in Boston for a good part of the week, attending a work conference. I ended the week with lunch at a small Italian restaurant. Within minutes of sitting, I heard the familar rumble of a V-twin. I looked up and there was Burly Earl, astride his white (WTF?) H-D. A few minutes later a sport bike. A few more and here comes a BMW Dual Sport. I swear, by moving south by 20 miles, we could extend our riding season by a few months!

Click on the link above (in title) to see a very cool video and potentially the solution to our problem. As I sit here and wonder how others cope with the same problem, I allowed Mr. Google (just Goog, to me) find me some answers. Here are a few of the pictures I found:

Thank goodness there are enough insane people in this world to keep it interesting.

That's all I have for today. I just wanted to share the link and these photos. I'm going to turn my attention to the latest issue of MotorCyclist magazine ( and a nice, hot cup of coffee.

Enjoy your weekend and don't hurt yourself shoveling!

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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angrybob said...

Heh - I think I know the Grizzly Adams playing in the snow. Google "Mr. COB" :)