Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Push me/First Ride 2015

Sometimes we all need a push. Friend Ken provided that with his enthusiastic text message stating he was liberating his bike from storage this past weekend.  After a flurry of messages, we finally connected late on a sunny Saturday and found our way onto a series of twisty back roads that were in surprisingly good condition.  Let the games begin!

In other news, after a winter of low activity, I need to hit the gym. I made a halfhearted start earlier this week but am concluding that I need a gym buddy.  Someone who won't allow me to quit early, just to head home for dinner or a beer.  Hmm. 

Any thoughts of getting off this cruiser and onto a sport bike again will need to be met with the discipline to lose the belly that would stand me off that fuel tank.  No more chips, no more ice cream.  I wanna go #FASTER. 

Hope you're doing well and have a riding buddy, gym buddy or other partner who gets you through the not-so-fun parts of life.  I'll see you out on the road.  I hope you see less of me.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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