Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If you don't ask, you don't get (or shameless plug).

Am I me, or who I think I am?

The Joe Rocket moniker was applied to me years ago, when I arrived for our first New Hampshire to Nova Scotia ride, completely decked out in JoeRocket gear and with this noteworthy tank bag system.  Our club's leader saw me arrive and said "Hey, Joe Rocket", and the name stuck.  Eventually, it got shortened to just Rocket but I still think of myself as more than one name.

Like you, I have a deep love of motorcycles and riding.  No other activity in recent years has brought me so much satisfaction.  When riding, I meet the nicest people in the world.  When not riding, I am thinking of riding.  I straddle both worlds of cruisers and sport bikes.  I would be thrilled to be at MotoGP one day and at a Sturgis rally the next.  I don't discriminate.  If it has two wheels and is rolling down the road, you have my approval.

I was exercising at the gym yesterday and was "trapped" on a machine when an interview with Katy (I Kissed a Girl) Perry came on one of the overhead TV monitors.  

She was telling the story of her life, from her view, without the benefit of input from her publicist.  I was impressed to learn how difficult it was for her to break through, in her industry.  She detailed the trials and tribulations of becoming the pop star that she now is.  To me, it seemed that she suddenly burst onto the scene.  The real story was much more in-depth.  I was surprised by it all.

Most of you know that I maintain at Twitter account as @JoeRocket and have done so since 2007.  The idea behind the Twitter account was to chronicle the 2008 trip to Sturgis, which I did.  I recently discovered that Joe Rocket (the company) started a Twitter feed.  They are @JoeRocketGear.  Joe Rocket is a subsidiary of a company called Sullivans, Inc., which also owns the Power Trip brand, whose gear is more appropriate for the cruiser crowd, more so than the "Squid" crowd.  So here comes the shameless plug:

I want to be the Social Media voice for @JoeRocketGear ( and PowerTrip.  It would be a great match and here's how I see that benefiting them.  I already have a large base of fans on Twitter and I would transition my followers over to their account.  This blog (or a new one) would be dedicated to talking about events and products.  All I would need is access to marketing plans and gear, and I will start the conversation.  Allow me to cover industry and other motorcycle events, and I will live blog those events.  Allow me access to sponsored riders, races and other biker shows, and I'm away and rolling.  I would assume the voice on their Facebook accounts, create a Pinterest account and stay abreast of all the latest in social media tools and techniques.

What do you think?  If you agree with me, then how do I get my point across?  This post is just one step in many, to try to introduce my skills to the powers that be, at Sullivans, Inc.  They are West Coast, with distribution centers all across the U.S.  I am East Coast and very willing to travel.  Valencia to cover some bike tests?  Sure!  Laconia to cover the Bike Week rally for the Power Trip team?  Absolutely!

Before I get my passport renewed, I will wait to see if my email to them gets answered.  One step at a time, and stay the course.  Katy did it and so can I.  Even if it means I have to kiss a girl.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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