Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Having a chat with Mr. Obama

Well, at long last we're off on a family vacation again. 2008 found us all scattered in different directions: G to Spain for a month, Ma to Bar Harbor to do trail building and repair and my own two-week trip to Sturgis, SD.

In the hustle and bustle of our crazy schedules, we have little quality time together. I know that it will take us a day or two to get to that happy place, where we connect again as a family but it will happen soon enough.

Our trip will take us to Washington, DC where I jokingly promised to say hello to President Obama. My son thinks I'm a bit nutty but I enjoy perpetuating that sentiment. Some say I'm "colorful". I've been called worse.

We've got a long drive ahead but the Outback is a comfortable whip, cruising effortlessly and smoothly at highway speeds. We'll be there by early evening, depending on traffic and necessary stops. I'll shoot some photos while there and post them upon return.

We had a good ride Sunday to Palmer, MA. Manny led us to the Steaming Tender, a restored train station, filled with antiques and memorabilia. We had a lazy, winding ride down, through South Central NH and into MA. Leaving at about 10:30, it was nearly 1PM by the time we were seated. The "Tender" seems to be a popular destination for bikers. If it's not because of the location, it must be because the food is excellent and the waitresses overly attentive. Aside from the tasty chili, nachos and 1/3 lb. burgers, I can attest to the fettuccine with peach-infused cream sauce. What a delicious taste combination!

That's our feckless leader, Jerry, providing the one-finger salute, my task when I'm not behind the camera. Apologies to Crumpet for catching her dislodging a bone in her throat but the group was too large to pose. We had 13 riders astride 12 bikes, after Gary dropped out in Jaffrey. Feeding this large group took ample time and by the time we were sated, fat and bloated, some got the urge to take a faster route home. Our ride up the highways, through Worcester and up 495 were uneventful, dull and hectic. Heavy car and truck traffic shunted us to the safety of the right lane, where we puttered along slightly above the posted limit.

I'll write more with Washington, DC details and provide an update on our next group ride. Summer came early to NH but it looks like Spring will be back in the morning. Our high temperature of 94 degrees today was daunting and I'm looking forward to more comfortable riding weather.

It's black-fly season here but, that will be over soon enough (and replaced by mosquito season). Stay well, stay healthy and I'll see you out on the road soon.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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