Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Day 2008

Well, Election Day is here tomorrow and we can finally put an end to the long parade of mud-slinging political ads. I, for one, am eager for change of almost any kind. The current regime has over-stayed its welcome. Perhaps if "W" seemed a bit brighter, a bit more polished, we might have found his down-home, country demeanor endearing like we did with that peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter. In any event, change is good.

Here we are at the change of the seasons, Fall is officially here, the clock has been turned back and we enter a long period of darkness. It will be a lengthy fourteen weeks until we're back to the same amount of daylight we're enjoying (?) now. And when do the clocks Spring forward? March 8th? Will that be the start of the 2009 riding season? What changes will be in store for us all by then?

How many of you will have new bikes? Have you seen some of the new iron out that's coming? Most of the Harley-Davidson line-up is revised and well worth a look. Wait until you see these bikes, with their fat (5"!) rear tires. It will be love at first sight. How many new riders will we meet, get to know and ride with next year? We've had quite a surge in membership in this past year and I swear that I haven't met all the new members. I don't even think that Jerry has managed to assign nicknames to everyone yet! Maybe it's time for "colors" so that we can ID them.

With the winter months ahead, I know that we'll have to make up for the missed weekends by making a concerted effort to get together as a group. The Third Thirsty Thursdays were a direct outcome of this need to meet (that, and beer). We'll make an effort to hold these regularly (monthly) at various locations in the Nashua/Amherst, NH area.

There are a couple of winter events that we'll try to attend. The Boston bike show is always a fun and easy break during the winter months, providing a glimpse of the coming riding season. Less frequently attended is the Toyota/Cycle World Motorcycle Expo held at the Javits Center in New York City. This is harder to get to and a much longer day. Still, it's been a fun and rewarding trip and I'd like to try to make it this year. No other show has the number of new bikes and the variety or manufacturers, under one roof.

Bike Week, in Daytona is in February and only the hardiest NH riders make it out through the snow drifts and, more importantly, make it back again. And then there's Myrtle Beach and Sturgis and...Hey! It's riding season again!

I see a few warm days this week. Election Day (Ride to Vote, Vote to Ride) and Wednesday both look to be in the mid-60's. Now that it's dark out, I need to swap my tinted shield for a clear one, so I can find my way home in the inky blackness. It was as black as the inside of a witch's heart tonight!

So, pick your moments, pick your line and pick your candidate. It ain't over 'til the Fat Lady Sings.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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