Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pegs over paint

They say "Use it or lose it". I think this applies to riding in New England at this stage of the season. Use the time you still have left or lose the opportunity to get out on your bike and ride.

Fall is fast upon us and the days are quite a bit cooler. Midweek, here in New Hampshire, we have a cold front moving in and the temps are dipping precipitously. The mornings are that much colder and we are starting to get a frost now and then. Yes, and I even heard a local weatherman use the dreaded "S" word on the air the other day and it didn't rhyme with SPIT. He said SNOW. The F'er. Of course, he was referring to waaaaaay up in the state but, still.

With the weekend high temps maxing out at 60 degrees or so, we'll need to bundle up for our normal 10AM starts. I am long overdue for a pair of winter riding gloves or even heated gloves. My hand are the first to suffer. There's only so much I can put on under a pair of leather gloves.

The colors are near peak here in NH so that means caravans of cars driving at yard-sale pace as the occupants moon over the gorgeous color. I hear that Vermont is in full bloom so, if you want, head there instead. We have lots of favorite roads but I'm not giving them up here, as Oxxcycle does every time they print an issue. It seems that monthly I will read that mag and see another one of our "secret surfing spots" outed for all to see. Please. Leave us some rides!

Discussions among my friends about winter storage have already begun. Who found what and how much they are paying. I keep mine in the garage where I can see it every day and dream about the coming season. Plus, we've had Decembers when the weather was 65-70 degrees and sunny. If the roads are clear, I'm going out. It's too soon to discuss winterizing so I won't.

I'm hoping to get a good, long ride in on Sunday, that is, if I get all my painting done. I've got a spot in mind on the south shore of Mass., west of the Cape. We rode there (past Fall River) a long time ago and had a nice lunch and an ocean view. We then piddled around the area and enjoyed some scenery before blasting back north to home.

Some day we'll all look back on this time and wonder why we didn't put it to better use. I don't want to say I didn't do everything I ever wanted. Get out and ride. Watch out for the wet leaves and the poky leaf-peepers. Ride hard and ride fast. And keep an eye out for me, I'll be coming the other way, pegs over paint...

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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