Friday, July 25, 2008

At long last, it's here!

We had a little celebration last night for the Sturgis riders, AKA The Stumbleweeds. We ate way too much but it was all terrific. Today, I feel like a big blob. I think I'll eat lightly today and tonight so I'm don't carry any unneeded baggage.

In 21 hours, we pull out and point it West. Hard to believe and I still have a lot of last minute preparations to do. I didn't want to wait until the last minute to pack my bike but, guess what? I did. So, as soon as I can comfortably bolt work, I'll get crackin'.

All right then. This is me signing off for a couple of weeks. When I jump back on, I will have tall tales and photographic evidence.

See you when we return.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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