Sunday, March 2, 2008

This is what it's all about...Sturgis

I'm feelin' a bit "unda the weathah", under by about four feet of snow! By now, I had hoped to be telling you about some upcoming rides but the local weatherman is not cooperating. I have a friend working over there at WMUR now and I may need to have him lean on the "weather-boys" a little bit...

But fear not, Spring is on its way. The Vernal Equinox is less than three weeks away. The weather this week is trending warmer with some "In like a lion" rainfall to help wash away the snow. I'm doing some traveling this week so I will be able to check out some of the states just south of us. I'll report back on any bikes spotted. I did hear one sport bike in the Boston area tearing down the highway but I was parked out of sight of the road and couldn't make out what it was. It sounded like an inline four, though.

I have a whole list of stuff to talk about but, it seems too soon. I can't wait for the season to start so I can post some ride reports and photos, interspersed with my trip plans. I can't wait for the start of camping season too, so I can test drive all my new gear. I hope to be able to share those gear reviews with you all.

On the commercial side of things, the Google ads on this site are there as a curiousity. If you see an interesting ad, click on it and go see what they have to offer. Since November, I think I "earned" a grand total of $7 (I'm rich!) but I didn't bother to fill out a tax ID form so I'm not getting that in any event or, until I do so.

I put the hyperlink to the Official Sturgis Rally in the title (just click on the title headline) so you can see what we have in store for us. I think that the official countdown is 154 days (from today) but, we plan to leave in advance of that date so we leave in about 20 weeks or so. I am sure we will do a lot of riding before then.

Last night, I flipped through the Kuryakyn Metric catalog for some billet and chrome goodies. Lots of nice stuff in here and it pays to spend the extra dough if you plan to keep your bike for a while. You can download the 2008 catalog right from their site. Here's the link to their home page: At the very least, I want to add a light bar from them.

The seat has been picked out but I'll hold off on that purchase until I can put it on the bike and properly test it.

On a positive work note, my company has decided that "dress down" is the new standard of work wear, which means I can wear jeans and riding boots to work every day, should I choose to. That will give me a little more flexibility and should allow me to ride the scooter to work most days. It's a PITA to throw outer gear over work clothes and to bring shoes, etc. This will be a nice benefit, come spring.

I guess that's all for today folks. I'm not much in the mood, I have a work assignment hanging over my head, that I've been dabbling at all afternoon, and I can't quite get psyched yet about the start of the season. The locals here know that after snow comes mud season, followed by road repair (for all the potholes and damage from frost heaves). Somewhere around June the DPW will get around to sweeping all of the sand off the roads, that they dumped all winter.

For the guys and gals in my crew, don't forget about T3 on 3/20. We'll have this at a new venue this month so make sure you read the emails on Yahoo or look at Da Flugel's calendar. I'll see you soon.

A low, slow wave,

Joe Rocket

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