Wednesday, December 5, 2007


As I sit here, at my desk, eating raw broccoli, I wonder how I ever got to this point. My closest friends know that I started a diet last week and, I am happy to report that I have lost the "easy" first five pounds. But it has been anything but easy. I should have done more homework.

Yes, I know that there are a million different diet options. My decision to call a halt to the growing waistline was in response to a poor fit from my favorite (big boy) jeans. I REFUSE to buy a larger pair. It was the proverbial straw and I guess that makes me a hump...

So, I quickly flashed upon the last commercial that made an impression on me: Dan Marino touting Nutrisystem. I went online last month and ordered a month's worth of food. This will be so easy (I thought) with all of my meals already prepared and in the proper portions. What I hadn't counted on was the taste. As a paying customer, I feel that I am entitled to my opinion. Okay, I'll temper it somewhat: Ugh.

If fact, some of the meals are so bad, I skip them entirely and just have the salad that you're allowed. The breakfasts and dinners aren't too bad but some of the lunches leave me with this thought:

Nutrisystem is Soylent Green!

For those of you old enough and with a sense of humor, you'll be smiling right about now. Yea, Chuck Heston!

Speaking of Chuck, we watched The Omega Man (again) recently. Will Smith is making a splash with the third theatrical release of the story "I Am Legend". Charlie did it back in 1971 and Vincent Price did the original, way back when. For you movie buffs, check out NetFlix and you can find it (them) there.

Where was I? I want to send a shout out to my new friend Sandy. You can read her blog here:

She works in PR and is the Social Media expert at her firm. She's been a big help in answering my "newbie" questions about blogging and very supportive, in general. A very cool gal.

Anyway, I have to get back to work. Since I'm not eating much, I had a moment to update this. If you've read any of my blogs, please add a comment, offer some feedback. And check out the nice ads from our friends at Google.

When I have more time, I will take the constructive criticism that I've already received and make this worth your time. For now, it's just me venting. But I'm blaming it on the broccoli......

Best wishes and Carpe Carp (seize the fish)!

Joe Rocket

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